Grace + Peter

Ann Arbor Marriott Hotel Wedding // Ypsilanti

I’ve been reflecting about Grace and Peter’s wedding at the Ann Arbor Marriott Hotel since last Saturday. The plan was for an outdoor ceremony and tented reception but the weather had other ideas. Moments before the ceremony was suppose to start, with a lobby full of their 400 guests, it started raining. And in true Michigan form it also started hailing, with no end insight. The quick thinking (and amazing) venue staff at the Ann Arbor Marriott Hotel came up with a plan B and starting moving everything. It was so seamless you would have never guessed it was Plan A.

What makes this story was the true grace both the bride and groom showed, if they were nervous or disappointed it did not show. She truly lived up to her name, Grace was smiling and even said to me that she was nervous leading up to her wedding day that is was going to rain but now that it is she realized it wasn’t a big deal.

I have been thankful to work with several friends of Grace and Peter and I couldn’t have more grateful that they chose me to capture their special day too. The love they have for their family and how it is reflected back was an honor to watch. If I could play you the song Peter’s brother wrote, you would understand. There was not a dry eye in the room!

Here is a sneak preview of their day, I’ve been working hard to post this huge preview because just a few photos could not accurately portray how amazing this day was. Thankful to have my girl Meg from Meg Darket Photography by my side for this one!


Hannah Metler

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