Jamie + Jacob

About 3 years ago I went to my first Zumba class and fell. in. LOVE. Over the course of months, I made some really good friends, one of those was Jamie. Her contagious smile and positive attitude made us instant dancing buddies. Fast forward a couple of years, when she got engaged and I was thrilled when she asked me to be her photographer. Even more exciting she is having a January wedding (swooning, snowy sunset photos anyone?) at the Chelsea Train Depot.

They decided to take their engagement photos at that same location and the spring evening light was AMAZING!! These two are so sweet together and was drawn into their love to one another.

Take a little sneak peak into our shoot together...

Hannah Metler

My first passion in life is Web Design and as the Web Designer at Zingerman's, I have been given the opportunity to try new things. I began taking photos for my job and that grew into a true passion for photography. Over the last three years my photos have appeared in People magazine, Country Living magazine, Epicurious and Food & Wine. Check out my Facebook page for more examples of my work.