Zachary + Lauren

July 28th, 2015

I have known Zachary since I was little, our parents attended the same church and I was in the same kindergarten with his little brother. After many years we reconnected and I met his lovely, now wife, Lauren. When they asked me about being their wedding photographer I was super excited but it wasn't until they told me where they wanted to shoot their engagement photos I was ecstatic! They decided to recreate their first date which was donuts at Dom's Bakeries and stroll at Gallop Park butterfly garden. I am so excited seeing these photos again and love with these two. Stay tuned for a post of their wedding!


Hannah Metler

My first passion in life is Web Design and as the Web Designer at Zingerman's, I have been given the opportunity to try new things. I began taking photos for my job and that grew into a true passion for photography. Over the last three years my photos have appeared in People magazine, Country Living magazine, Epicurious and Food & Wine. Check out my Facebook page for more examples of my work.